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Title: ‘You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy’
Author: darklyenigmatic
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Dalek, Parting of the Ways, Utopia
Summary: It is the Master who presses the button. It is the Master who ends the Time War. It is the Master who destroys the Daleks and tears Gallifrey from the Universe.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately.
Word count: 3394
Author’s Note: This fic has been gestating for approximately three years. It started life as a detailed plan for the Master surviving while the Doctor is killed when he ends the Time War. It was projected to be about 35,000 words. Three years on I sat down and started writing and it became a one-shot that, in essence, flips them around entirely. I’m not sure I’m entirely happy, particularly with some of the characterisation and structure, but editing has been done and I think I’ve knocked it into some semblance of shape, though it’s unbeta-ed I’m afraid (any takers?). Title is a line from T.S. Eliot’s East Coker (his Four Quartets provide a wealth of DW inspiration). Also a fill to doctorwho_100 prompt 082: If. Hope you enjoy, comments and criticism very welcome :)

'You must go by a way wherein there is no ecstasy'Collapse )


Title: Hope
Author: darklyenigmatic

Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Summary: The last Doctor meets an early regeneration of the Master.
Characters: Other!Doctor (13), Other!Master (early regeneration)
Pairing: Implied Doctor/Master
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately. BBC owns them.
Word count: 759
Author’s Note: So it’s been 2 years since I’ve written any D/M. Or any DW fic. Or any fic at all, I think. Which is a very sad state of affairs, caused mainly, I think, by my lack of love for the last series. But now, apparently, I am positively awash with plot bunnies and fannish feelings, and who am I to deny such inspiration? As it is, this is a (very) belated continuation of my doctorwho_100 prompt responses, done for 001: Beginnings. It’s unbeta-d and not particularly wonderful, but hey, fic! And life from me :) More to follow soon, I hope. Comments are love, let me know what you think.

I am really bad at updating ...

Hey guys, though I don't think anyone actually reads this. Boy is the journal looking dead. However! I have now found an RL fandom-buddy, though unfortunately she isn't into slash, and this is helping return me to fandom. Big yay!!!

Life is good at the moment, though with guy-related complications. Uni is going pretty well, all told. Back to fandom, however! I've returned to Entanglement, have transferred it all over to Scrivener and am in the process of editing, though the ending still needs to be written. Should end up a bit over 45,000 words long. I haven't done anymore of Golden in, god, yonks, but I do have the next chapter gathering dust on my harddrive, so I may chuck that up, even if I have no idea when it will be updated after that. Also had an interesting idea for a long one-shot/2-parter D/M fic, largely related to what I'm studying at the moment, but it's quite complicated and will require a lot of planning, so I doubt anything will happen there for a while. Entanglement is my focus at the moment.

Anyway, I want to get on with actually doing some writing, but I felt this journal needed some activity, so here it is :) Hopefully be back soon with something actually worthwhile and ficcish. 
Have failed at posting for far too long. Bad me!

Finished Uni on Friday, am now all moved out of Halls, which is weird. Otoh, front room is currently filled with boxes of kitchen stuff, text books and spare bedding, as I can't move into the new flat yet. Speaking of! Will be living with three fifth year medical student, none of whom I've met yet - quite scary. House is stunning (posh, big, lovely), though my own room is small, and the bills and rent are well within my means, so yay!

Went to see Warpaint on Thursday in Cardiff with my little sis - great gig, and the supporting bands were pretty good, though Warpaint's set seemed a touch shorter than I'd have liked. All in all though, great night, and I'd love to see them again :)

On the fanfiction front: not much happening. Current fandom obsession is X-Men First Class (Erik/Charles ftw!), and am also loving Inception. Not sure how active I'll be in either of them, as I find film fandoms daunting in terms of writing fic, since there's not as much to work with regarding character, voice etc. as there is in tv shows. Ah well! Am writing a lot of original stuff, and am currently reworking the half-story I started for NaNoWriMo. Downloaded Scrivener to do it, which I'm loving.

Slightly less wonderful note, just read this article: www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jun/24/america-pregnant-women-murder-charges Seriously world, what the hell? How am I reading this alongside the legalisation of gay marriage in New York?? WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I genuinely can't believe that this kind of thing is still an issue. Shouldn't we, and by 'we' I mean the human race, have got past this by now? It's sickening. Frankly, most of the current events in the world right now are sickening, and Britain is just as bad. Ugh.

Christmas done, New Year nearly here!

Well, it's Boxing Day and Christmas is pretty much over :/ Which is sad, but I had a great Christmas so I can't really complain! Plus, we pretty much get a second Christmas in our family. Tomorrow, we're heading up to York to visit one set of grandparents, plus some aunts and uncles, and then the next day it's on to Middlesbrough to stay with the other set of grandparents and visit all my mam's side of the family. We'll be spending New Year there and coming back on the 3rd, so I won't be around for a few days.

My sister, lovely girl that she sometimes is, bought be the S1&2 box set of Primeval (yay!) and my parents got me a digital radio, so I can listen to music when I'm cooking in the flat, plus a couple of books (Kafka on the Shore, which I've been wanting to read for a while, after reading Murakami's short stories, and Breakfast at Tiffanies, which I'm looking forward to reading having studied In Cold Blood for A level). Plus the usual of chocs and calendars, and rather a nice top from DP. Lovely Xmas dinner (which seemed to be less stressful to make than usual, which was nice; usually my parents argue a lot) and pudding, and Bucks Fizz and wine, which got me pleasantly tipsy - just right for Xmas day. No mulled wine or roast chestnuts this year, but when that's your only complaint, you know it's been a good one. Also, mam's homemade mince pies are always a treat!

Doctor Who Xmas Special was love - the steampunk was great, as was the whole 'Doctor as Santa' bit (weird bit of synchronicity there, too, considering some of the prompts over on b_e) and I liked Kazran (sp?), though wasn't so fussed on Katharine Jenkins (I'm sort of waiting to be kicked out of Wales for that, but ah well). And then we watched Burn After Reading, which is a truly excellent film that I'll recommend to anyone, and made me rather emotional. Although it did make me miss the Blackadder's Christmas Carol, which is unfortunate, esp. as it isn't available on iPlayer.

God, I love Christmas. Neither me nor any of my immediate family are religious, and certainly not Christian, so it holds none of those connotations for me, I just love the time of year. It makes me smile, and I feel content, which considering how :| I've been lately is lovely, and just, yeah. All the cheesy stuff about family is true for me. So, yay!

Quickest of updates re: fics. Next chapter of Golden is currently with beta, and should be posted some time after I get back from Middlesbrough, and the 1st draft of Entanglement is so close to being finished that I can almost touch it :D

Anyway, that was a horrifically rambly post, probably riddled with typos and a surplus of 'which's and 'then's, but I don't care! It's Christmas and I'm happy! Hope everyone else had a good day too :)

Moar snow

Snow. Again. It's pretty and all, but bloody freezing too, and our plans for after Christmas are being endangered if this keeps up. It started on Friday, snowing while I was still in Cardiff - we had to go out at 4am for a stupid fire alarm (I hate the things, they sound like an air-raid siren and they get set off by the smallest things, like steam from the shower, or perfume) and it was snowing then. When I woke in the morning we had a good three or four inches, and it just kept on going. My dad came to pick me up at 1, and then we had to go to Sainsbury's to do some shopping and get lunch. Sainsbury's is down a long, steep hill from my campus. We skidded, nearly went into a parked car, then a car coming towards us, then another parked car, and so on, until my dad finally got the car back under control. Talk about hair-raising. 

We did the shopping, and by the time we got out there were at least eight inches, and it was still coming down heavy. The journey back home from Cardiff should only take an hour. It took us nearly two just to get out of the city - total gridlock and we kept having to change routes because of roads being closed - and then another hour down the motorway. Nightmare. But we made it back okay and didn't die, which is the main thing. More snow here today, though not too much - only another inch or so - but it's insanely cold - well into the minuses. Brr. Christmas is coming though, so I can't complain too much! Presents sorted for everyone but my mam, so I think, weather permitting, we'll be going into town tomorrow to get the last bits and pieces we need.

In writing/ficcing news: over 41,000 words of Entanglement done and getting ever closer to the end. :O I can scarcely believe it. I've started editing some earlier parts too, so I'm pretty much on track for meeting my targets - 1st draft should indeed be finished by the New Year (or rather, Xmas, since I'm going away the day after Boxing Day until the 3rd of Jan) and first chapter will hopefully be posted by the end of Jan. As for Golden - rough draft of the next chapter is pretty much complete, though I'm not madly happy with it, so it just needs some editing my moi and then a quick beta before posting. Yay!

Anyway, will stop here as I want to go write more :D 

Life, Ideas and the end of term

Another non-fic post. Bad me! Have been being slowly driven mental trying to write this short story for my creative writing assignment. Read back over it today and realised how utterly depressing/hopeless it was, even if the prose was quite nice. I'll admit that I wrote it when I was feeling rather down myself, and it really showed through. Sent it to my mum and my lecturer to get some feedback - my mum was actually much more helpful and more constructively critical, which actually doesn't surprise me. Anyway, it's now gone through three major rewrites, plus considerably more minor changes, and the track changes features means that at least half of it is now colour purple. And I'm stuck for a title. Nevertheless, I'm currently reasonably pleased with it. It's possibly still a bit more 'tell' than it should be, but not half so bad as the original draft was.

Walking down to the Spar a couple of hours ago, listening to the 'Vampires in Venice' track off Doctor Who S5, I was struck by another plot bunny. I was thinking to myself 'this would be good music for the Time Lords to escape the Time Lock again. I wonder what happens to the Master in there. He probably takes over after killing Rassilon. He probably helps them escape it. Or runs the planet in it. I wonder how I would work in D/M. An imprint of the Doctor? Weird echo? AHAH! THE VALEYARD!' This regardless of the fact that I have never even seen the Valeyard. Unfortunately, it is an idea to be relegated alongside the post-WoM dark!Doctor/Master fic idea still lurking in the back of my mind, a little behind the 'Master survives the Time War instead' and 'Persuasion style D/M' AUs that are, regardless of the likelihood of ever being written, at least plotted out to some degree of detail.

Had my last lecture of the term today - an unfortunate drag - and will be going out to Oceana tonight with my flatmates, as we're all going home either tomorrow or Friday. Am also supposed to be going Christmas shopping tomorrow afternoon, so I'll have to attempt to avoid a slightly less awful hangover than the last time I went out, which relegated me to bed for an entire day O.O At least this time there is no punch. Punch is evil.

Ahem! Anyway, there goes my random update that no-one likely reads, but at least it has done the job of distracting me for a little while, which was actually the main point of it. More Entanglement written, still need to finish the next chapter of Golden, but every day I inch minutely closer to my goals.

I'm writing again (!)

I'm writing! Finally! After months of nothing! Actually, no, that's a lie. Half my course revolves around writing. I suppose I should say I'm writing fanfiction again. Motivation and inspiration have finally returned, and you have no idea how happy that's making me :D Quite aside from the guilt I've been feeling for not updating Golden, or writing more Entanglement, or not adding to the doctorwho_100 table, it's just so nice to actually want and be able to write. So often, I find that when I'm inspired I don't have time, and when I have time I don't have the inspiration/motivation to write. Incredibly frustrating. But! I have just completed my journalism assignment, and after writing and submitting a short story (which I will admit I'm struggling with - for that I have no ideas at all) I'm free (or more or less) for an entire month! Wooh! So I started off as I mean to continue, with Full Circle, and I have a handful of other ideas for the prompts too.

Finally wrote some more Entanglement: Part 1 for the first time since July. Currently it's a bit above 38,000 words long, and this part should probably hit somewhere between the 42,000 and 45,000 mark. I've had the majority of what I've already got beta-ed (so many, many thanks to you guys, btw), but I still need to actually make the changes, which will be quite a job. Nevertheless, I hope to have the rough draft finished before the New Year (now there's a challenge) and start posting by the end of January. It's something I've been working on since the end of February (!), originally intended for the Vortex Big Bang, which subsequently ... didn't happen. It's my baby. The whole saga - plan is divided into 4 parts - will most likely crash through the 100,000 word mark, at such a time as I actually finish the whole damn thing, and then ... god. I even have ideas for after that. I warn you now, it is more than possible that the project will drive me mad and/or entirely consume me.

As to Golden. Most of the major storyline is fairly flexibly plotted (it has been for ages) and half the next chapter handwritten - actually, I discovered far more of the chapter written out than I remembered today, which was a pleasant surprise. So, you know, hopefully not too long before you see some more of that? 

If anyone actually reads this (in which case, hi!), you may have noticed my shiny new mood theme (courtesy of kohler , many thanks) heralding my love of Misfits, down and out one of the best tv series ever. My love for it is currently only second to my love of Doctor Who and Merlin, and neck and neck with Sherlock (BBC), though as it is new and shiny I'll admit that I'm particularly full of squee. It is possible that at some point I will write fic for it (Nathan/Simon ftw!), but currently I find the prospect rather daunting. I just don't think I could do the characters justice and keep them properly IC. And as OOCness is my biggest fear when writing I'll probably be avoiding them for the foreseeable future.

Anyway, back to writing! Wish me luck :)

Full Circle

Title: Full Circle
Author: darklyenigmatic
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Vague allusions to LotTL
Summary: The Doctor left the Master, the first time. Now, at the last, the Master leaves him.
Characters: Ten, Simm!Master, vague allusions to earlier versions
Pairing: Implied Doctor/Master
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, unfortunately. BBC owns them.
Word count: 200 exactly
Author’s Note: Attempting to ease myself back into Doctor/Master. I do intend to finish Golden, I promise, but it may take some time. Hopefully once all my assignments are out of the way next week I’ll be able to start focusing on my fics again. Anyway, this is my first double drabble, my first fic in months, and probably not that good. Apologies in advance for what are probably some very messy tenses. I just needed to write something. Unbeta-ed, so any and all mistakes are mine. Written for the doctorwho_100  prompt 014: Regret. Let me know what you think! :)

Full CircleCollapse )

Random Life Update

Wow, it's been ages since I posted. Bad me!

To readers - um, I'll update soon? Ish. I joined NaNoWriMo, so that's taking up pretty much all my time this month, but hopefully I'll start again once November's finished.

Merlin is my current obsession, but having bought the Specials soundtrack for DW that's also vying for attention now too, as is my vast WIP Entanglement, and hopefully my brain will kick into the right mode for Golden too, and some doctorwho_100 stuff. Speaking of the soundtrack - so much love :D I've made the S5 one my treat to myself if I finish the NaNoWriMo, so extra motivation to actually keep writing.

University is going pretty awesome - thoroughly enjoying the Lit and Creative Writing modules, not so fussed on Journalism though :/ Still, you can't have everything, and my flatmates in particular are brilliant.

This is, I will admit, the most randomly pointless post ever, but I felt the urge, and figured why not. Hopefully once things calm down I'll be a bit better with keeping up with my fics and this journal, though I wouldn't bank on it.

And now, away to do more NaNo! Today's target - 10,000 words (yes, I'm behind, I'm trying to catch up).